Dr. Charlotte Grace

Dr. Grace is knowledgeable in many types of therapies and has the experience and insight to apply them in combination to suit the particular issues and circumstances of her clients.  She has a quiet, youthful energy that is supportive and caring, yet she expects and helps her clients to do what is necessary to address obvious and underlying needs.  She is an excellent guide into one's own investigations into the self.  She provides the trust and comfort that allows a client to speak freely.  Dr. Grace can utilize even seemingly "off topic" comments or musings and help the client understand how they may be revealing a part of a bigger picture.  I have rarely encountered a professional in any field who has the dedication, spirit, knowledge and caring that Dr. Grace demonstrates at every turn.  G.H.

Dr. Grace is a gifted psychologist. By gifted, I mean she sees the shining parts of you that you can't always see yourself-- and no matter how covered, tarnished, or destroyed you are, without even knowing it, you start shining a little brighter. Dr. Grace has helped me recover from trauma and PTSD caused by an unthinkable tragedy. When I thought I had nothing to live for, she showed me I did. She seems to have the perfect combination of innate wisdom, patience, compassion, clinical experience and trauma therapy. Over the past six years she has helped me with severe PTSD, complicated grief, anxiety and depression. I see her less frequently now, but it has been wonderful to know I can schedule appointments, as necessary, over the years. If it weren't for Dr. Grace, I would not be in the place I am today. She gave me back a quality of life I never dreamed possible. She showed me I still had a story left to write, and that the tragedy didn't have to define me. I'm certain the work Dr. Grace does is transformational for many. I'm living proof!  M.R.

As a result of working with Dr. Grace, I wake up excited to meet the day.  Prior to my work with Dr. Grace, I woke up terrified of the days challenges and found it difficult to enjoy successes due to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  This crippling disease claimed almost thirty years of my  life, leaving me feeling sad, lonely and ashamed.  Through her compassionate guidance, Dr. Grace has taught me tools and techniques to overcome OCD and to understand that I deserve to pursue and achieve success.  Prior to Dr. Grace, I was taking prescription medications that were damaging to my body and mostly ineffective  Her treatment methodologies are tailored to the specific needs of each individual and are applied in an effective, meaningful manner.  At a time when I found myself hopelessly lost in my disease, Dr. Grace showed me the path to happiness and the pursuit of a new life.  T.M.

Dr. Grace originally came into my life when a friend connected me with her at a time when I needed guidance in getting my life back at the end of a relationship.  My work with Dr. Grace not only accomplished that, but launched me into an awareness of myself that I cannot imagine ever having lived without.  She has taught me how to know myself, and the discovery of what I want from life and how to navigate those waters.  I continue to work with her today when ever I feel the need or want to reach for more improvement, feeling grateful for her teaching and my expansion of my understanding of my own happiness.   P.K.

Since seeing Dr. Grace, people close to me have told me I'm more pleasant to be around and are happy to witness the positive changes they have seen in my overall mood.  My emotional wellbeing has dramatically changed.  I suffered a trauma during childhood that was never treated; as a result, I spent thirty years suspended in anxiety, fear and rage.  Releasing my rage on the person closest to me was destroying my marriage and sending me into deep depressions.  My treatment needs are multifaceted and Dr. Grace has demonstrated her wealth of experience and expertise by guiding me with the use of simple and effective tools and techniques to address my individual needs.  She provides amazing insight and gentle instruction in a safe and comfortable  environment.  The techniques that Dr. Grace uses not only work, they are life changing.  The care I have received from Dr. Grace has changed my relationship with my husband, friends and family as well as released me from living with anxiety, fear and rage.  It is impossible to convey in words how highly I recommend Dr. Grace! A.S.